John turns the wheels of justice…

October 28th, 2010 // 1:15 am @

John seizes the opportunity to dig into a case; then helps change what would have been a most unfavorable outcome. I was impressed with how John keeps the legal portions of the book down to earth, in language the reader understands.

I was glued to see if John would lose patience, or if mediation could turn the tides, as time marched and the fortune dwindled.

John turns the wheels of justice inside out, never losing sight of the goal – winning a downhill battle!

Suzanne brings the reader into the family structure. She never forgets or loses respect for any of the co-heirs, even when they disagree with her.  Suzanne’s writing is superb in her own charm and style. You will feel what she feels and hope what she hopes.

This book is for everyone. It’s food for thought if you haven’t yet made a will.

Carolyn M. Rhodes

University of Alabama, College of  Business, Alumni Magazine Writer

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